What is your story?

Tell us your story. Do you have muscular discomfort or pain? Want to increase sporting performance? Or want to feel good without killing yourself in the gym?

Everyday muscular pain and discomfort (like lower back pain or neck pain) NOT caused by an incident or accident is very irritating and annoying. More so is also the fact that most people do not know how or why this occurs. Incorrect movement mechanics, muscular recruitment and over- or under-active muscles results in pain or discomfort.

The same principle applies to sporting performance. Correct movement mechanics & muscular recruitment will result in an increase in physical performance and your body’s efficiency. Also, there is less chance of injury due to better muscular balance.


How can we help you?

By completing a in-depth Musculo-skeletal & functional movement assessment we are able to test your body’s mobility, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, posture and range of motion. We then use the results to design an individualized training program according to your goals and needs. Injuries can be prevented! Pain and discomfort is fixable! And you can improve your body’s physical performance!

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